Key Tangible Outcomes

What does the PARADeS Project aim for?

  • provision of hydrologic, hydrodynamic, and agentbased models to generate new information, which will provide the basis to understand flood risk
  • assessment of scenario-based flood hazard, vulnerability and risk, and flood hazards impacts on Critical Infrastructure (CI) with cascading disasters
  • identification of feasible prevention and adaptation measures
  • assessment of existing institutional settings and networks and policy options for participatory flood risk governance
  • an integrated decision support system (DSS) tools for FDRM focusing on flood awareness raising and increasing decision-makers’ capacity to manage, prevent, and respond to threats and impacts caused by floods to critical infrastructure systems
  • strengthen the research and educational capacities of partner institutions, and to further develop the capacity of stakeholders, communities, specialists and practitioners
  • integration of developed technologies and innovative infrastructures of PARADeS into the institutional systems
  • a concept for a flood risk and disaster prevention center in Ghana