PARADeS Workshop Series 2021

In May and June 2021, the first PARADeS workshop series was held in Accra, Kumasi and Bolgatanga. The series was jointly organized by WRC, NADMO, WASCAL, and the University of Bonn and its goal was…

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PARADeS project 1st Workshop

The upcoming PARADeS project 1st Workshop will engage the local and regional stakeholders to gain more insights into their views and knowledge on flood disaster, impact on critical infrastructure services, and adaptation measures. Participants will…

Fig.3. Overview map of the project regions in Ghana.

Online-Questionnaire FloodlabelGHANA

Data collection is currently the main challenge, as research visits to Ghana are not possible for the time being due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Because alternatives have to be found, an online questionnaire was…


Consortium Meeting 04.02.2021

The first consortium meeting of this year 2021 aimed to exchange on the different activities and status quo. Some of the most important current activities are (1) U-BN’s acquisition of the TanDEM-X 12meter DEM from…


Consortium Meeting 03.12.2020

The COVID-19 Global pandemic has undeniably posed challenges to international business travels and the organization of physical events such as workshops, conferences, and seminars, particularly in high-risk regions. Based on these challenging conditions, a virtual…


Virtual Kick-off Meeting

Due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions, on the 8th of October 2020, a virtual Kick-off meeting was held to officially start the PARADeS project in Ghana. Besides the consortium partners, institutions that also participated were…