Consortium Meeting 03.12.2020


The COVID-19 Global pandemic has undeniably posed challenges to international business travels and the organization of physical events such as workshops, conferences, and seminars, particularly in high-risk regions. Based on these challenging conditions, a virtual consortium meeting was organized on the 3rd of December 2020 with the Ghanaian partners via Zoom. The participants of the consortium were German and Ghanaian project partners. The objectives of the consortium were to provide updates on the overall progress of the project activities and work packages, plan for the 1st stakeholder meeting in 2021, and to deliberate on the inclusion of informal settlements in the project activities in Ghana. The objectives of the consortium were achieved as the partners were updated on the activities and the progress made on the work packages by each of the partners. It was agreed to further explore the conceptualization of informal settlements in the Ghanaian context before making the decision. In addition, a three-day workshop (2-3 hours/day) was suggested for the 1st stakeholder workshop aimed at creating cordial interactions with the stakeholders, deliberate and agree on key flood risk-related concepts and terminologies used in the project, and to discuss the challenges of institutional collaborations and capacity gaps hindering the implementation and sustainability of DRR measures in Ghana.